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Wake up and smell the Latte

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Worth considering…

Once again those splendid TWL chaps provide another insightful post on the nature of the fabulous job that is the public relations executive. I am sure that many of us can share the pain as outlined here.

Reading it reminded me of a little slide deck my lovely fiancé sent me a couple of weeks ago – I’m sure it’s done the rounds but it made me chuckle and in light of the TWLs post I thought I should share it with you

I was struck by a large omission though – there is no mention of the MD/CEO’s position in this veritable tide of crap. I quickly concluded that this is because he/she actually lives in a whole world of sh*t, a kind of parallel sh*t universe made up of spreadsheets and the like (cue: playing of really, really small violins please).

I would like to point out that this is all very much tongue in cheek and I don’t actually mean much of the above. Personally, I think we do a bit too much navel gazing and like to beat ourselves up about agency life, I know I do. At the end of the day, its the career we have chosen and, even nearer the end of the day, I think its a bloody good career that is full of variety, entertainment and interest.

Yes it is really hard work and incredibly demanding. But no one ever pretended to me that it was any different. We need to keep things in perspective – my dad is a postie and he packed (quite literally, special delivery!) me off to University to give me a chance to have an interesting life and a successful career. I like to *think* that PR is exactly that… perhaps I’m wrong?



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