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This week one of the most interesting issues to come on the tech radar here at Inferno was in the world of chips. Besides Tyrrells announcing a new flavour of potato chip, the major news came courtesy of the current credit bite.

Early this week we saw news that semiconductor market is continuing its slide. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association January saw an 8.8 per cent slump compared with the same month last year, following a forgettable December during which sales fell by 11.9 per cent on the year. Late this week we have also seen Taiwan announce that they will restructure the country’s struggling D-Ram chip industry by buying key technology from foreign competitors and consolidating the domestic market. All interesting stuff, but what’s next?

As the electronics market, which feeds this industry, continues its dip into the red stuff how will we see these manufacturers react to sure up their brands?

Traditionally in an economic downturn FMCG companies ramp up the marketing to sure up sales but this approach isn’t so easy for companies whose chips the public aren’t conscious they are consuming. We will wait with baited breath here at Inferno and see what the industry has up its sleeve but would be interested to see what everyone else thinks…

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06/03/2009 at 3:18 pm

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MWC – More Wonderful Chips?

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The advances in CHIPS have been astounding
It is that time of year again when those more mobile Infernals get excited about the impending arrival of Mobile World Congress. This is the portable device world’s pilgrimage to Barcelona to broker deals, soak in Sangria and get their retainers worth from their internal PRs and agency staff. We will have a couple of Infernals on the ground in Barcelona who will be tweeting about the different things they see so be sure to tune in (or is that twune in? – I feel another blog post coming on about Twitter vernacular) but that isn’t the subject of this post. What I am asking is, what do you think we will see this year?

This year I am expecting that most of the coverage will be around the standard themes of the Google operating system, or the GPhone, and who/ what will be the next iPhone “killer” and possibly a few concept phones from the Far East or a Scandinavian rubber company. Every year this seems to capture the imagination of the UK and EMEA tech press and has been one that I have followed closely. As much of this conversation has already been bleated about at the first major (some may argue only) gadget show of the year, CES, what is going to interest me from this year’s mobile phone fête is what is going on under the hood.

With the rise of something called the mobile internet (not sure if you will have heard of it) chip manufacturers have been doing some really amazing things. Mobile phones now have email and web surfing at speeds that are comparable to, and sometimes exceeding, some wifi enabled laptops while working at a fraction of the voltage of a lap bound PC. With mobile chipsets now taking on a Moore-esque logarithmic growth in speed, it will be interesting to see what comes out of MWC this year and indeed whether mobile manufacturers will sound a warning on reaching their limitations. What mobile murmurs will we hear from Cataluña this year? I would be interested in your thoughts….


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10/02/2009 at 11:58 am

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