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The man himself

I’m sure readers will be thrilled to hear about my eldest son’s latest school report, but I couldn’t let one teacher’s comments go unmentioned. Under the section entitled ‘PE’ (which was always a source of perturbation in my own school reports), the teacher has employed judicious use of spin to spare my son’s blushes. It reads:

“Henry can intercept, retrieve and stop a beanbag and a medium-sized ball with consistency; he can sometimes catch a beanbag.”

In other words: “He usually gets in the way and couldn’t be relied on to carry the half-time oranges”.

My complete klutz of a son now thinks he is Pat Jennings. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a little massaging of language and some expectation management – another example of the power of public relations in the wider world.

Bullet Baxter: shame on you and your evil “must do better” cohorts.

Oh, and by the way… Henry, if you read this when you are older, you did splendidly chap.



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09/07/2007 at 1:40 pm

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