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One thing that has taken the fancy of a few of the Infernals in the office at the moment is the greatest PR show on earth – the US presidential election. This is a time where PR is in its purest form: crisis communications, reactive statements, memorable soundbites and good old fashioned mudslinging all hit the headlines and envelop just about every media outlet available to man. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, twitter, websites and even the odd prayer are all inundated with political polemic and unlike almost every other type of PR, everyone has an opinion. More importantly, this is a chance for every Public Relations professional on earth to learn a thing or two on how to PR clients and create new realities – and how not to.

Something that I will be taking away from this election is the power of sticking to a simple PR strategy – seems obvious I know, but you would be surprised how many people get it wrong. Over the length of the Democratic primaries and the Presidential election Obama’s campaign team have done an incredible job in transforming Barack from someone who is a great orator into someone who has the power to change the way people think and the way a nation defines itself in the world and all with one simple message – Change. Through planning a strategy, choosing one clear, key message and sticking to the plan – despite the economic system falling apart around them – the Democratic Party has grown its trust within the greater public and has left the opposition scrambling for what they think people want to hear, all the while destroying their credibility and alienating their core supporters.

This is something I think every PR campaign can learn from – research your audience, choose a message that resonates with them and stick with it. Flip-flopping to try and align with the next best thing will undermine your credibility and ultimately leave you holding your ballot at the polls.

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23/10/2008 at 1:00 pm

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