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Upwardly Mobile

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In the wake of Mobile World Congress it’s got me thinking about the idea of this new ‘21st Century’ way of working. Mobile technology is by no means a new innovation but people are claiming that the current need to cut costs has pushed us fully into the next stage of a truly mobile workforce.

Hot stories to come out of MWC last week included the buzz around fourth generation technologies such as LTE – where mobile broadband and downloading speeds are second to none. People are always ‘on’ and available to their clients, there is no dead time wasted whilst on the train or away from the desktop. The latest smartphones, such as the Palm Pre and open OS systems like Android that enable a wider ecosystem of applications available on one platform, mean you have the latest 3G technology in your pocket, with all the applications you need, and linked to all your devices. Work has become truly collaborated, mobile and instant.

I’m currently training for the marathon so welcome the fact that I can always leave the office on time, in order to get back to go for a run before it’s too dark or late. I know I can keep up to date with emails and the team whilst on the bus or can log into the server from home if necessary. Work can fit more easily around my life and commitments. This is all good, in theory. But with the increasing economic pressures and continued blurring between home and work is it not also slightly worrying that people are now expected to be available 24/7 and able to read and reply to queries instantly?



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26/02/2009 at 1:30 pm

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Precipitating Disaster

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The UK Technology Journalists and PR Facebook group (@UKTJPR for the twits amongst you) asked the snowbound media world a simple question: Do you prefer working at home or in the office. Well, the dimpled chads have been recounted and the results show that 38% of us prefer working at home, 21% don’t and 40% like it sometimes. MORI researchers are sleeping safely in their beds, I’m sure.

What struck me about this poll, however, was the one-in-five people (like myself) who would much rather work in an office environment. The reason for this is blindingly obvious to anyone with children – trying to work with the strains of MarioKart drifting upstairs, or writing a whitepaper in the midst of an argument about lost library books, is the sort of test that should be reserved for cosmonauts and applicants for a double-O number.

Frankly, even on the most stressful of workdays, going to the office is like a holiday – it gives me focus, allows me to socialise with people who don’t need help going to the toilet and allows me to differentiate between professional and personal.

You can imagine that with two days off school (soon to be three) and a faulty train network, the Berry household is approaching something akin to Lord of the Flies.

During an enforced wii cold turkey session this afternoon, William (for he is five years old) struck up a very odd conversation with my seven-year old Henry. The topic of discussion was our new daughter Elizabeth. “Do you think Elizabeth will get fat?” asked William. “Maybe,” replies Henry “But she might also die in a road accident or during childbirth.” Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued – mostly from Mrs Me.

I only hope that in between building snowmen, watching daytime TV and making sense of the insane ramblings of their own school-starved children, the magnificent employees of Southern Railways can get back to work, clear the lines and make it possible for me to return to sanity.

Elizabeth, put down that WD40…

Tom B

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04/02/2009 at 9:41 am

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