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The future finally arrives?

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The better choice

OK, so last night I had a life changing experience. Not on the scale of Santa Claus isn’t real, but one that got me thinking that FINALLY the digital revolution had delivered on its promise to me as a consumer.

I’d had a pretty busy day and was frankly knackered. I’d taken the opportunity of having the house to myself for the evening to slob out and carry on doing a few bits of work that I wanted to get out of the way. So, it hits 9pm and I decide I’ve had enough. I walk downstairs, get some food and throw myself into the sofa.

Then without any thought I pick up two remote controls: change channel and fire up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on my AppleTV. 30 minutes and an M&S chicken and mushroom risotto later – I’m chilled.

The moment when the album started I realised how glad I was I bought that little box. I didn’t have to boot up a laptop and go and turn on the PC upstairs containing the library. Didn’t have to think about where I had left my iPod or its audio cable. I didn’t even have to get off the sofa to find the CD. This was effortless: music as a utility in my living room. 300 albums in a tiny elegant box you’d struggle to find in the room if you didn’t know what you were looking for, and so simple a total technophobe could use it. I don’t even have to think about updating the library when I add something new – it all happens over WiFi.

For me, and this is a significant change in recent years, technology has to be in the background. I don’t want it taking over rooms in my house, or wasting my time, or getting me stressed. I just want it to deliver. I love my gadgets and am a bit of a geek, but now I’m getting bored with the hassle and clumsiness of it all.

Device manufacturers have a lot to learn from the AppleTV. It is not perfect, especially if you want film downloads (only US currently) or you don’t want to be tied to iTunes, but in every other respect, it is exactly what consumers should demand from digital devices in the home.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the AppleTV does and the way the consumer digital experience evolves, but the scariest thing of all is that other device categories are going backwards. I’ve owned several smart phones in the last 18 months, and all except my current one have been slow and crap at making phone calls, and none of them have been as reliable as my first phone from the early nineties…



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11/10/2007 at 9:16 am

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