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There’s snow business like Tech PR

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London under snow

I have officially succumbed to the snow.

Who would have thought that a little bit of snow could cause the severe disruptions of this frightfully cold Monday? I woke up this morning to a plethora of white stretching for as far as I could see. This took me back to my childhood memories of my local radio station announcing the school closures. A rush to the garage and there you would find me, dusting off my pink sleigh and setting off down the rolling hills of Hindhead.

Today, I was not so lucky. Having spent a gruelling 20 minutes attempting to get my car out of the car park, which resulted in severe wheel spinning and my car getting engulfed in a cloud of snow, I resigned to the fact that I would in fact have to work from home. Great, I thought: the perfect opportunity for me to practice what we preach. Being a Web 2.0 agency and advocates of flexible working practices, I opened my laptop and checked my email. Instead of cancelling meetings because of a bit of bad weather, why not set up a video conference? Ah, the wonders of technology. This did of course mean I have now had to pull myself from the warmth of my bed to make myself look half decent for people I am likely to never meet. As it so happened though, fortunately or unfortunately, my journalist colleagues did not seem so keen on this idea, it seemed ‘too complicated’ – oh well, onwards and upwards as they say.

The damning fact is this: no matter how much we strive for a day away from the office, technology has meant that we are always accessible to our peers and hence, a culture devoted to our jobs. Is this a blessing, a time when people, across continents can be brought together to exchange thoughts and ideas which, years ago would have been a scene in a movie? We should welcome and accept the flexibility that has made the lives of those unable to get into work on a daily basis so much simpler. I think of my colleagues who have young children, kids who may have never seen snow like today and am happy that they get to spend today together; all be it amongst responding to emails and receiving phone calls. Yes, a play in the snow would be fun, but losing out on a day’s work – well then that’s twice as much to do tomorrow. Instead I think we should be balancing the two, and to that end, I am now off to build a snowman.



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03/02/2009 at 9:27 am

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