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Getting social with social media

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Feathered geeks

The brouhaha surrounding social media is reaching a crescendo; is it a good thing, does it bring people together and can it drive business, or is it a waste of time, bad for productivity and, well, just so last season? There are no definitive answers and every Tom, Dick and Sally has their own opinion. But for what it’s worth, social media is here and here to stay no doubt.

MySpace graduated to FaceBook, and FaceBook has upgraded to Twitter, but what’s next? No-one has a crystal ball about where this phenomenon will go, but we can shape and mould its future – after all we are all part of the numerous communities that social networking and tools such as Twitter bring together.

This is why I’m excited to be able to get together with some fellow ponderers this Friday that my first ever Tuttle Club event. The event seems fairly fluid and is open to anyone, meets every Friday and is to “sit, chat, drink coffee, eat delicious cupcakes from the bar, do some work, meet old friends, find some new workmates, stick around for lunch, start an exciting new business, plan a rave… whatever bag you’re into,” according to its web site.

Attending with my colleague Beth, I have no idea what we might learn or take away from the event, but that is the whole point of going to new things and sharing ideas – the surprise outcomes that occur. I do have one certainty though…. I very much doubt we’ll be planning a rave.

Sara Driscoll


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05/02/2009 at 12:06 pm

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Pull to flush

Pull to flush

So during my lunch break today I logged onto Facebook and something caught my eye. My American friends (and some UK as well), who so often utilise the status updates function to impart comical/pointless one liners on how their days are panning out, are utilising it for something a little deeper today. Almost all of them have updates related to the US elections, invariably supporting Obama but many simply imploring their fellow countrymen to get out and vote.


I found this intriguing for a number of reasons.


How strange it is that despite being several thousands of miles away we are now able to get real time updates on peoples thoughts and feelings in real time about an election which will ultimately affect us here in the UK


Did the creators of Facebook ever envisage the site being used as a political campaigning tool?


Would people aged below 30 in the UK be so keen to voice political opinions in such an open and campaigning way?


I have no definitive answers on any of those points but it would be interesting to hear what thoughts are out there.




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04/11/2008 at 4:02 pm

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