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Conference atrocities

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A couple of weeks ago I came back from the Microsoft TechEd conference in Barcelona. While regrettably far away from the city centre, the conference centre and attached hotel were a masterpiece of design as these things go. The conference complex is kind of a combination of the old International Style with a bit of Brutalism, lovely surfaces, natural light, etc. Yes I am an architecture snob (post-modern pastiche hurts my soul for example). Passable food and coffee as well. All so nice.

It got me thinking about how many utterly miserable conferences in horrific, sub-Travelodge meeting room venues I have been to over the years (that’s before one even considers the horrific hotels). Take the NEC for example – an obscene, grubby metal shed near the Brum airport. Or Earl’s Court, which has not seen a lick of paint since Macmillan was in Number 10. Or the many options available at the various surviving examples of Skidrow-on-Sea. Combine indifferently maintained, often ugly venues with £3.75 packet sandwiches, banal stands and lukewarm Nescafe and you have the typical UK conference experience.

Given that the price of train fares often exceed that of driving from Swindon to Glasgow in a V12 Jag stuck in first gear, I think that big brands should shun the likes of the NEC and hold large events elsewhere in the EU to send a one fingered message to those responsible for all this mouldy mediocrity.



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19/11/2007 at 1:32 pm

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