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Pockets get sci-fi?

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What’s in his wallet?

Well well well. The future is not what it should have been. New airliners are marketed on the basis that they can cram more people into economy class and are quiet on takeoff, rather than blast you to Tokyo in style at Mach 3 (sigh). It seems as if existing stuff gets a little better or more connected. All so marginal.

However these small revolutions can come slowly and boringly but before you know it lives are made better. Anyone unlucky enough to use the Tube recently would have seen plenty of guff about Barclaycard OnePulse. Lame vistas of a future London (where the Battersea Power Station is defaced with a pointless windfarm etc) urge punters to get hip to the future of debt and rapacious fares by visting an uninteresting website. OnePulse combines a credit card with an Oyster card. You can make small payments in ‘participating’ shops by just touching it Oyster style and have one less card in your wallet.

So far, so pointless. However, proximity sensor payment cards like these have been around in Japan and other more advanced nations for a while and are somewhat nifty. Imagine rather than queuing to use a gob and grime covered ticket machine at Paddington while already late for a train, just waving your magic card at the gate – scanning your own paper and waving a card rather than waiting around, fumbling for change or getting your finger covered in obscene residues by tapping in a PIN on a grubby pad etc.

OnePulse is not it though. It is a credit card which we (or at least I know I) use far too much anyway and you’d have to be mental to use it for small purchases all the time. Now if a clever firm sold or licensed the technology to a wider variety of banks and there was a debit card version as well, that would be more interesting.


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26/10/2007 at 9:23 am

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Fighting High Street robbery: Ad-supported cashpoints

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Its only one step away from this you know…

Before anyone gets upset, I am not suggesting that the network of normal ‘free’ cash machines are branded up like mad cattle. But a little while back I was in Shoreditch in one of those strangely bank free parts of the city in a bar with a broken card reader. So I walk a while and ask around and of course the only thing there is nearby is a dodgy paid for cashpoint in the wall of an off licence.

So I end up paying £1.95 to extract MY cash.

I felt violated and ashamed, like a man forced to drink a pint of angry wasps and salt-covered pushpins for loose change in some kind of YouTube meme. Surely there must be a better way to fund this?

So I thought what about ad-supported cash machines? You stick in your card, have to see a 15 second spot or something, the receipt is branded everywhere etc. People are waiting for cash so you would have their attention.

My fellow denizens here seemed to think this was a good idea on the whole, though the fact that muggers and aggressive, drug-crazed beggars might have a Pavlovian reaction to it and form a second queue did come up. However, I think that avoiding the humiliation of a pikey £2 charge to access your own cash makes this a risk worth taking. Why has no-one thought of this before?


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26/07/2007 at 4:37 pm

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