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Foxes, Bears and Video tape

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Bear, Beer or Bare

Polar bears, arctic foxes and beluga whales aren’t usually associated with technology, but in the case of the BBC’s new series Natures Greatest Events, animals and technology it seems go hand in hand.

The series covers the most dramatic wild events that happen across the globe, from the melting arctic ice during the summer, to the mass migration of animal across the African plains. If the rest of the series is as good as last night’s episode, I’ll be glued to all of them.

For those lucky enough to have BBC HD, the nature programme delivered what can only be described as a stunning visual experience, showing off baby polar bears skidding on ice, the rare narwhal whales and the tender moment Guillemot chick first take their flight from a 300 metre cliff top encouraged by a nudge from their parents.

The reason that the production team were able to capture such amazing natural sights is due to the very latest in filming and production technology, and of course a great deal of perseverance. The entire series has been filmed in HD, allowing the team to get the clarity of depth and pictures unavailable previously.

They also used FrankenCam, a motion-control macro camera developed by Ammonite Films and capable of shooting extreme close-ups of tiny subjects. And to round off the technological bonanza last night’s episode was also able to demonstrate how the arctic melt has been affected by climate change using images of the earth taken from space by NASA.

While beast and machine may not live quite in harmony yet, the series will be sure to open our eyes to the beauty and phenomena that occur in the natural world around us and raise awareness of exactly what is at stake. I would seriously recommend this programme to everyone, it’s another Attenborough/BBC masterpiece.



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