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Advertising, but on a really bad day

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It's good to walk

It's good to walk

Last night while watching television I came across an advert for Berocca vitamin drink, featuring generic looking suit-types using gym equipment. Set to an awful piece of 80’s nostalgia courtesy of Blancmange’s ‘Living On The Ceiling’, the advert is supposed to illustrate how an orange fizzy drink can help ordinary people be ‘you, but on a really good day’.

The advert is clearly a copy of a YouTube video by Chicago rock band, OK Go, who similarly used a bank of powered treadmills for ‘kooky’ effect. Except that like most rip-offs, it’s not a good as the original. Not even by half. It always amuses me how ad creatives can dupe clients into thinking that they can copy something which is extremely popular and get the same results.

Clearly, social networking sites offer advertisers (and PR’s for that matter) a great vat of creative juice which we can use to influence our own campaigns, but to copy it so poorly and blatantly strikes me as lazy plagiarism. Unfortunately, this won’t be an isolated case. As I speak, I’m sure there’s advertisers up and down the land pitching ideas to clients which contain the following words: flash mobbing, Liverpool Street and dancing…



Written by pilotlight

16/04/2009 at 3:26 pm

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