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App developers are searching for the next killer app

App developers are searching for the next killer app




 But this has become almost obsolete now that everyone is writing apps in their spare time – or at least you could be forgiven for thinking they are.  Apps are appearing for the strangest things – apps to turn your mobile into a flute, apps for helping you decide where you eat out on any given night or an app that allows you to search a search engine.  Great.  But in this world of hyper-app-tivity, how many of these applications are “killer apps”, or even just downright useful?  The answer is not many, but they hold a rather more poignant element to them. 


 In the younger days of technology people got excited, many companies, Hewlett Packard and Dell for example, were started by young entrepreneurs from their sheds, garages or bedrooms.  Technology was exciting and something to get your teeth into – it held opportunity.  After the rise, came the inevitable fall as the bottom fell out of the dot com world, and the technology industry, especially as a career option, became something to be slightly more wary about.    The opportunities were fewer and the risks ever higher as companies struggled to tap into the latest and greater business or consumer need.


 The idea that now we have 16-65 year olds building applications to do something with your mobile, your laptop or your PDA brings back a certain level of creativity and of excitement to the sector.  Bringing spirit and a feeling of adventure back into the IT sector could help make the industry an exciting place to work and encourage everyone and anyone to join in – meaning more chances of finding that next elusive killer app that we’ve been looking for and once more making the industry a desirable place to be. 


Once upon a time in the IT world, everyone was hunting for the next  “killer app”.   A killer app would be perceived as something that users suddenly found they couldn’t do without, a browser for example, or a search engine.


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14/04/2009 at 1:06 pm

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