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Pull to flush

Pull to flush

So during my lunch break today I logged onto Facebook and something caught my eye. My American friends (and some UK as well), who so often utilise the status updates function to impart comical/pointless one liners on how their days are panning out, are utilising it for something a little deeper today. Almost all of them have updates related to the US elections, invariably supporting Obama but many simply imploring their fellow countrymen to get out and vote.


I found this intriguing for a number of reasons.


How strange it is that despite being several thousands of miles away we are now able to get real time updates on peoples thoughts and feelings in real time about an election which will ultimately affect us here in the UK


Did the creators of Facebook ever envisage the site being used as a political campaigning tool?


Would people aged below 30 in the UK be so keen to voice political opinions in such an open and campaigning way?


I have no definitive answers on any of those points but it would be interesting to hear what thoughts are out there.





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04/11/2008 at 4:02 pm

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