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Smells Like Clean Spirit

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Hope they are well paid

I found myself chuckling in the gents just now, looking at a can of ‘Fresh Linen’ air freshener. I’ve noticed a current vogue for ‘fresh’ or ‘clean’ linen scents for the home, domesticated little chap that I am – including scented candles and the rather higher-tech plug-ins that people in exclusive suburbs/Essex opt for.

It made me think: surely linen doesn’t have a smell – surely the smell of freshly laundered linen that I do, indeed, love, is actually the scent of the detergent the linen has been laundered in, not of the fabric itself?

Then I suddenly felt rather cynical about the whole thing, and wondered whether this was another Unilever-esque way of pumping out multiple brands within one product category, meaning proceeds from Bold, Ariel, Daz and Fairy Super Lemon Excel GreaseBuster Plus all line the same collective pocket.

Are we being subconsciously, psychosomatically programmed to lust after the smell of washing powder – to the point where there’s a mid-decade trough in sales of natural scents like lavender or citrus or eucalyptus, and a spike in ‘things that smell like other products we buy’.

Then I realised I’d probably inhaled a bit of the said air freshener, explaining why I was having such odd thoughts.

Matt S


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02/05/2008 at 8:52 am

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