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Roll the cheese…

Something that has recently taken the fancy of some of the Infernals in the office is following PR stories for FMCG products. This may seem strange for a tech agency, I know, but hear me out. For years there have been stories appearing in the some of the less “cutting edge” print titles throughout the UK of individuals, families, couples, life partners etc. confessing the cornerstones of their diets.

We first noticed it with a woman who eats peas for every meal and has eventually got to couples confessing to having hamburgers for every day for 17 years and even moving house to be closer to their restaurant of choice, mmmm, nice.

This is something we have recently started see more and more of and it is getting to a point in our office where we are interested in the diversity of products that people have been basing their diets around. It has also led us to raise the question, how can we get on this bandwagon?

Now being the creative, can-do PR agency that we are, we have set ourselves a challenge: to try and get a tech company in the press using this same technique.

Getting someone to confess they have eaten nothing but cheese for the last 16 years as part of a stunt for the British Cheese Fanciers Society is one thing, to have a story of the same (blue) vein featuring software, now their lies good PR.

As you read this we are hard at work cooking up a story to take FMCG off the media menu and make tech products the main course. So if in your daily routine you read a story of someone who has had server software for lunch everyday since 1998, you will know who placed the story…..

Matt L


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23/08/2007 at 2:53 pm

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