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The cartoon me?

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Who we all secretly want to be…

Like a lot of men, there is nothing I like better than picking up a copy of my wife’s Heat/Closer/OK/ Celebrity Cellulite magazine, pouring scorn on it for its vacuous and regressive agenda and then reading it from cover to cover. “Its for work darling, gotta keep abreast of all media…”

There is though something in those and other celebrity-packed magazines that really does grate as badly as, well, a broken grater. Its the use of the term “PR” as a job description. As in, “Daisy, PR to stars including Jade Goody’s new bulldog Mahatma, was papped at Cricklewood’s new hotspot The Nun and Garter.”

So, that makes me “a PR”. Is that “a public relations”? Could it be “a press release”? Could it be some journalistic insult acronym that I am too sheltered to understand? Of course not, its just nonsense. Its like calling a binman “a waste disposal”, or a doctor “a medicine”. Doctors of course have an entirely different understanding of the term PR. Relevant in this case perhaps.



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22/06/2007 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Oh, come on James…let’s not get too possessive about a couple of letters. What would be a better description for Daisy? Publicist, maybe? But that could also describe what you and I do for our clients. Two side of the same coin, no?

    What’s really upsetting, I imagine, is that there’s more interest in Jade Goody’s puppy (not puppies, mind) than there is in, say, Palm’s ability to enhance the productivity of mobile workers.

    Actually, now I’ve written it down it doesn’t seem that upsetting.

    Heat magazine you say..?

  2. What does my head in are those chuggers who say on their CV that they worked in PR / marketing.

    Tim Hoang

    22/06/2007 at 2:36 pm

  3. Hi TWL – glad to see you’re reading the blog!

    My point wasn’t really me being precious about being lumped together with Daisy – I absolutely agree that we both swim in the same big (cess?) pool. Any preciousness on my part was purely grammatical. How can you be “a PR”?



    25/06/2007 at 8:08 am

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