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It’s Rainier-ing staff, hallelujah!

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 Lots of froth in the bottle.

Well, I appear to have got myself into a little hot water with Stephen Waddington, one of the MDs of Rainier PR, around the always emotive subject of recruitment. You can see what he had to say about me here. 

Now, I’m not entirely sure how I’ve got myself into an ‘embarrassing’ situation here. Yes, I did, after discussions with contacts and our management team, email some talented PR executives at a handful of agencies to ask them if they were interested in meeting for a chat about their careers and their futures. I mean, Inferno is growing a lot and because of the accounts we hold and our culture, we need to get the best people in to do the job and continue that success.  

Did I show questionable ‘professionalism’ by doing this directly, rather than, lets say, hiding behind a headhunter organisation to do exactly the same thing? If so, then I am hugely apologetic and shall return to more professional ‘cloak and dagger’ activities forthwith! And I wonder how many other senior PR execs out there can say they have never done something similar, or at the very least thought about it (and then bottled it)?  

It’s actually a very interesting question Stephen has raised, at least in my own head. PR is a highly personal business, and is based on individuals, but have I crossed some unwritten line by becoming directly and personally involved in our search for great people?  Or did I show a lack of professionalism simply because I got the email address wrong? I did make a schoolboy error by sending it to .com, not .co.uk, I hold my hand up on that count. But I am pretty sure the mail went to the right person, given that before Stephen’s blog appeared, I received an email from the other MD of Rainier, Steve Earl saying that it had been forwarded to him by the person it was meant for.  How strange. Perhaps it was a bit of both…  

I must finally, though, thank Stephen for publishing my contact details on his excellent and well-read blog – yes, you heard it there first – Inferno is looking for some great people to come join the fold and work on some really well-known technology and B2B brands. You’ll need to be a bit ballsy, have a great sense of humour and be prepared to do things a bit differently.  



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05/06/2007 at 4:25 pm

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  1. Cracking response. Fair play.

    And nawh, you haven’t crossed any line, just fun to take the piss.

    You were just been ballsy, and to be fair, we do exactly the same if we come across a good candidate, but strictly by phone.

    Steve E was taking the piss, and you did well to ignore his attempt to prolong your pain.

    Look’s like I’ve broken your comment virginity. That’s got to be worth a pint when you’re next in the West End. Drop me a line – you know how to reach me by email 😉

    Stephen Waddington

    05/06/2007 at 6:31 pm

  2. Yeah I know Steve was taking the right royal, and I totally don’t blame him for that, I have done worse with the shoe on the other foot!

    For breaking our ‘blogcherry’ (and oh it was painful!) I will of course furnish you with a beer chap, if not before then certainly at the flackenhacks…

    And thanks for dealing with the ‘anons’ on your blog, they were probably all from my directors…


    06/06/2007 at 7:58 am

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